03 July 2020 Posted By : Clarrie Feinstein

Toronto's racialized, low-income communities have higher rates of coronavirus cases

Data collected by the City of Toronto around COVID-19 cases shows that low-income residents have the highest rates of the virus, as well as racialized communities.

On Thursday, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa said that recent data from the past three weeks has shown that new cases and hospitalizations are higher in areas with a high proportion of low-income residents, newcomers to Canada, and people with core housing needs.

At the same time, certain racialized groups are over-represented in areas with a higher coronavirus case-rate, including people who are Black, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Latin American.

Black patients make up 9% of Toronto’s overall cases, but in areas of the city with a high case rate, they make up 18% of the population.

There was also a correlation found with higher case rate, with people who are low-income earners.

The same is also said for hospitalizations, newcomers to Canada, and household crowding.

Public health data also shows that the most common occupations associated with case investigations include factory workers, retail/customer service representatives, and select health care-related occupations

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