27 September 2021 Posted By : Sally Murrer

Opinion: This is how catching Covid feels when you're double vaccinated, writes MK Citizen reporter

With my second AstraZeneca vaccine administered weeks ago, I was one of the multitude of people smugly believing I was protected from the dreaded virus.

So, after months of being deprived of seeing my newest baby grandson, I had no qualms about setting off to London more than a week ago to help my daughter and son-in-law unpack after a house move.

My first words to my double-jabbed son-in-law as he opened the door, were: "At last I can give you a great big hug!"

Just how ironic those words were became apparent just hours later when my son-in-law suddenly started feeling groggy and uncharacteristically had to go and lie down.

We took his temperature - high - and decided to do a lateral flow Covid test "just to be on the safe side". Squinting at the faintest of faint lines, we decided it must be an evaporation line.

How could it be Covid? He'd had both vaccines, he'd been careful...Surely it was just the start of a cold or the stress from moving?

Luckily we decided to self-isolate anyway and cracked on with the unpacking. But, less than 24 hours later, as I was due to leave for home, my son-in-law did a second test - and this time the line came up with the strongest of strong positives within seconds.

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