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Earth's Geophysical Pole Shift Has Already Begun, Researcher Asserts

In recent years, we have witnessed a series of shocking events that have panicked people around the world: deadly earthquakes, tsunamis, uncontrolled wildfires and many other catastrophes have hit different locations in our world.

Considering this, some researchers like Angellica Goodson have attributed these phenomena to what they call Geophysical Pole shift. “Our Earth has been wobbling around like a top as the locations of Geophysical and Magnetic North change”, Ms Goodson asserted. “Recently, though, our planet is starting to roll. Due north, which has been off centre by 29 degrees is now moving in the direction of Magnetic North, which is at the top of the globe. It looks like the Earth is trying to correct itself so that Magnetic and Geophysical North are in the same place”, she continued.

The researcher also claimed that the European continent is moving towards north, while the Americas are moving the opposite direction. “Take your globe or a picture of the side of the earth where North America and South America sits and tip it to the left 26 degrees. This will show you the direction the current Geophysical Pole shift is moving today. Europe will move north into the Arctic Region, while North America will move south towards the Equator”, she said.

She also explained that this phenomenon is usually preceded by a Magnetic Pole shift. “The Geophysical Pole shift had not followed the Magnetic Pole shift until recently, when the Earth began to roll. The Earth’s orbit slowed down and then it started to roll in the direction of Magnetic North”, she expressed.

“People cannot find the North Star because it is no longer where it used to be. The stars have not moved; the Earth has been slowly starting to roll. The Equator has also moved”, Ms Goodson claimed. “Europe is becoming colder with snow being reported as far south as Rome. This is happening because the Geophysical Pole shift is slowly dragging Europe and Africa north”, she commented.

In addition, the Geophysical Pole shift is causing ice melting in both poles “as the Jet Stream moves all over the place confused as it can be about where to go as the Earth moves”, Ms Goodson opined. “I won't even go into the geoengineered technology that is also affecting the Jet Stream and weather manipulation here”, she mentioned.

“While North America is moving south and tilting, California and southern states have been experiencing more heat, fires and drought because California appears to be tipping down south further as North America begins to sit on her West Coast side”, the researcher affirmed. “North American's are all experiencing high temperatures that seem to range between 5-15 degrees warmer depending on where you live”, she added.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information about this issue: https://duanetilden.com/2015/03/03/climate-change-pole-shift-solarweather/

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