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Geophysical Pole Shift Is Linked To North America's Warming, Researcher Says


Thousands of years ago, a series of natural phenomena triggered what we know today as the Ice Age. Scientists have long speculated about this event, but one of the theories suggests that it could have been caused by what has been denominated Geophysical Pole shift, which means that Earth’s poles are moving the opposite direction (the North Pole is moving south, and the South Pole is moving north.)

However, what is particularly concerning is the fact that another pole shift seems to be occurring today. In this regard, writer and researcher Angellica Goodson states that our planet is currently “experiencing a Geophysical Pole shift and, as a result, the continents are once again moving towards a new location”.

“To picture this better, think of a soccer ball with the black spots on the surface. Visualize the continents as spots on the round Earth. When the ball or the Earth rolls, so do the spots on the ball and continents on the globe”, Ms Goodson asserted. “As the Earth rolls, the continents changed their positions on the globe which is why the movement of the continents is referred to as an Earth Crustal Displacement. Then, as the Earth rolls she wiggles, which affects the placement of the continents that sit on plates inside a grid pattern, just like you see on a soccer ball”, she added.

Ms Goodson also claimed that this movement is making some places warmer, while others are experiencing very low temperatures. She then proceeded to explain this process: “as the continents migrated and changed places, the Sun’s direction also changed depending upon where the continents sat. As the North and South poles moved further away from the equator, the Sun’s heat and rays did not reach the north and south poles very well because these rays are concentrated on the equator. In consequence, the poles froze over. When the Earth was one smaller ball, there were no frozen poles”, she detailed.

“Today we are once again experiencing the beginning of a Geophysical Pole shift. North America is rolling south towards the equator, while Europe appears to be rolling north back into the freeze zone”, the researcher affirmed. “As North America rolls south, the path the sun light takes will change. Currently it appears that North America has dropped down south around 10 degrees and has tipped or tilted so that the western part of North America is starting to sit on her side”, she expressed.

“From what I have been able to tell, the drop North America has taken is approximately 8 degrees or between 6-10 degrees. Look at where you live on the map and then drop your location down between 6-10 degrees, which is where you actually are, or pretty close to where you are on the map today”, she recommended.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information about this issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfBSc6e7QQ

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