21 November 2020 Posted By : Bryan Passifiume

Tory eyes capacity restrictions at Toronto stores, malls

Toronto’s mayor added a sliver of clarity to impending new COVID-19 restrictions set to be released Friday.

Speaking Thursday morning on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, Mayor John Tory — while not revealing the city’s list of recommendations sent to Ontario’s chief medical officer — said he would like to see better capacity management at retail centres.

“So you don’t have the kinds of crowd scenes where people are too close contact with one another,” he said.

With the Christmas shopping season fast approaching, concern has been raised over the infection potential of many large stores and shopping malls, which haven’t seen the harsh restrictions placed on less-crowded and lower-risk businesses like gyms and restaurants.

“We already have the most restrictions in any of the hot spots because the city put some on top of this red zone regime of the province’s because we just felt the situation was serious enough to warrant further measures,” Tory said.

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