04 January 2021 Posted By : Postmedia News

Bottomless pyjama advertisements baffle consumers

Less is more? Fresh air door? Who knows why advertisements for bottomless pyjamas seem to be all the rage on the web these days.

For some reason advertisements for “plain functional buttoned adult pyjamas” promoted by multiple outlets have been showing up since last week.

Many users have been left wondering why they were being targeted for the odd products.

People first became aware of the products when they were reported as being seen Elle.com for ones made by IVRose.

The BBC said IVRose’s Facebook page is managed by a Chinese firm called Shanghai Lishang Information Technology Co Ltd. The same company appears to manage the ChicMe brand, which also sent similar advertisements.

The pyjamas come in 49 types and retail for US $26.99.

The BBC reported the ads are being targeted to a huge audience and not whittled down to the normal, tighter parameters.

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