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Online Dating -- Ottawa: Top Ten Tips for Guys seeking Ladies

Online Dating is probably the easiest way to find a relationship; all it takes is a click of a mouse, some typing, and a bit of exploring to find your soulmate or simply a good time. There are many guys out there who have trouble with ordinary dating. Many guys are just too shy or are too busy to make the time to meet ladies at various social activities. It is when guys who are eligible bachelors decide to go online that they discover how much simpler it is to meet someone online. However, even online dating can feel a bit troublesome too. If you’re a guy who falls into this category or just feel a bit uneasy about meeting people over the internet, these 10 tips are sure to change that!

1. Choosing the right website

The first thing you need to do in order to meet people online is join a website. There are many different types of these websites, namely, General Online Dating Services, Relationship Services, Social Networks and Niche Dating Services. You need to choose one that is legitimate; one that you are comfortable with and one which has a large amount of users.

2. Describing Yourself

When you are describing yourself, you should say something interesting and positive but without making it too second-rate (guys tend to do that). Remember that lying about yourself too will also get you nowhere at the end of the day.

3. Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture should be recent, cropped (showing yourself only), look great and tell a story. If you are unable to manage this, simply take a good picture of yourself that has nice background like your car, bike or garden (it’s guaranteed to work). Remember that you need to smile, if you don’t, you may seem disinterested or dull (or even aggressive).

4. Making time for Online Dating

You should always take the time to update your status, description and profile pictures. Even if you haven’t done anything interesting recently, remember that even talking about a book that you’ve just finished shows how interesting you are.

5. Starting the conversation

If you are starting the conversation, its best to start with a nice greeting. According to statistics, hello and hi don’t do as well as how’s it going. This is probably due to it sounding more casual. This means that you should always try and maintain an interesting and casual conversation from the very beginning.

6. Spelling

When getting to know someone, always spell correctly and know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Even someone smart can seem a fool over the Internet when making such simple mistakes.

7. Listening

When making conversation, many guys prefer to talk about their interests without even paying attention to the woman’s interests. You should never do this as they, in turn, will simply lose interest in you. Put yourself in their shoes and you’ll soon understand.

8. What to talk about

Studies show that music, movies and food are the three topics that lead to the most success. This is obviously due to the fact that almost everybody likes all three of these things.

9. Compliments

When complimenting someone you’ve just met, avoid saying things like gorgeous, sexy and hot. They may sound like nice things to say, but they are actually the opposite, at least in most cases. There are some women who won’t take it the wrong way, but you should probably avoid saying them to someone you’ve just met. If you would like, you may use words such as cool, nice and even awesome.

10. The Real Date

Eventually the time will come when you have to go out with the person you’ve met online. You need to make this date as memorable as possible because this is what will shape your date’s opinion of you. Take her out somewhere nice, be respectful, be interesting, be a gentlemen and remember to share a few laughs in between. If all goes well, your very date may even be your soulmate.

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