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Online dating: How to avoid fake profiles

Online dating site has been very popular nowadays and it has become a good way to meet the perfect date especially for those who are too busy to socialize and meet a lot of people. There are a lot of dating sites that people can join on the internet so that they can find their partner. People can join a free dating site where they do not have to pay a cent for the service or they can also join paid dating service where the service is considered better and safer.

A lot of people, especially those who are serious about finding a lover through a dating site, prefer joining paid sites because they think that the site can guarantee their safety there. However, that assumption is not always right anymore nowadays. Paid dating sites participants should not assume that just because they pay then they are 100% safe from scams and spams. They are much safer than the free dating sites but it does not mean that participants can just take it for granted. They are not totally secure there and there are many cases showing that even paid sites cannot offer the maximum protection. Members of paid dating sites can still become victims of fraud, scam and spam from fake dating profiles.

There are a lot of fake dating profiles on the internet that people should avoid from having contact with. These fake dating profiles can be categorized into three groups. The first group consists of fake dating profiles which usually come from participants who are not really serious when they use these dating sites, the second is from individuals who want to take the advantages from other members intentionally, and the third even consists of some fake dating sites that try to take some money from the members illegally.

The first category is not really dangerous actually because these people just want to have fun with their dates on the sites. Most of them do not want to get involved seriously as they are married or committed to other relationships. These people will not try to get some materials from their online dates but they can give a kind of emotional disadvantage especially if their dates have taken their words seriously.

On the other hand, the second and the third groups are the opposite. Most fake dating profiles are created by people who want to take some advantages from the site, the other participants and even both. These people will try to get a lot of money from the online partners. They will do a lot of patterned efforts to trap their partners. The worst thing is actually the third case. There are so many fake dating sites that post fake profiles of gorgeous men or women to attract more participants. This way, they can get more money from more members. Those two last fake dating profiles are the ones that true dating site participants should recognize and avoid.

Perhaps it is not easy to spot fake dating profiles. However, there are some general things that you can do to avoid fake profiles. The first thing that you need to know is that you should never trust a dating site for 100% even though it is a paid one. Never believe that you are perfectly safe on a pay site. You have to be very careful. Te second thing is that most scammers will ask you to go through private emails. They will try to convince you to move the conversation to personal email addresses and after that they will close their account so that you will not know about other illegal issues related to stolen credit cards or other similar things. The third thing relates to the profile itself. If you think that the person is not really committed, such as he does not provide anything in his profile, then perhaps it is a fake profile. Fake profiles will never leave any clues for you to track. You should also be careful to some online dating services that provide many perfect profiles there but they require a lot of fees here and there. This might be a good way for them to make money.

There are many other things we can do to spot and avoid fake dating profiles yet it will not be enough just be reading all tips. Dating participants should always be careful so that they will not be the victims of spammers and scammers.

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