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My life as a Babestation TV phone sex presenter

Former glamour model and Babestation TV phone sex presenter, Rebecca Emslie, has described her experiences working for the adult channel.

The 34-year-old, who currently resides in Llaneli, quit her adult TV career following the birth of her five-year-old son. With a following of nearly 40,000 on Twitter, Emslie worked as a personal trainer for the past year, and recently finished an indoor triathlon for Children in Need.

Prior to starting a career in front of cameras, Emslie had a more modest job, yet harbored ambitions to enter the glamour industry.

“I was a sales manager at Communications Direct before I went to work at Babestation,” said Emslie.

“I had breast augmentation and decided to have a portfolio done to see if I could break into the world of glamour. While I was at a photoshoot, the photographer suggested Babestation. At the time I hadn’t seen it, or even heard of it.”

“I looked them up on MySpace and sent them a message; they asked me to send some pictures over. I soon received a reply and I went to London for an interview at the studios, I was then asked back to do a few trial shifts and it just went from there. I left my office job to do it full time,” she continued.

According to Emslie, despite slots on the show being sought after by models, she didn't have any fierce competition.

“To be honest I really didn’t find it competitive at all. I think every channel I have worked for had their favourites but we all used to get along it wasn’t bitchy or anything like that! It was a relaxed, fun environment,” she revealed.

While numerous critics have been demeaning the show, Emslie disagrees with them.

“I think to be successful in the industry to start with you have to be confident with showing off your body and not let anyone else’s opinions of what you do for a living affect you,” she said. Most of the girls also had to frequently travel to show locations from their various homes.

“When I first started working in London I didn’t drive so I would usually get the train from Wales to London, so it would take me half the day to get there,” said Emslie. “I’d arrive in London about 5pm grab some food and make my way to the studio to get ready and be live on air for 9pm.”

“I’d work until 6am and sometimes travel straight back. But after a few months I had built up few months I had built up a fan base and I was given more shifts, so I shared an apartment with another girl and I’d do a block of 3-4 shifts back-to-back. I would just stay up in London while I was working then go back to Wales.”

Emslie noted that the girls were protected from callers who intend to discuss subjects they're uncomfortable with.

“I never did anything I wasn’t comfortable with and I never spoke about things that were classed as a taboo subject. I would tell the caller we couldn’t talk about that, and if they continued to carry on with the subject I’d have the call terminated,” she said.

She also remarked that the callers were a lot different from public perception, as they weren't “old pervy men, but callers of all ages, from 18 years onwards. They mostly have girlfriends or partners, or are married.” Emslie said that she enjoyed the freedom the job provided away from regular 9-5's, and that she had further opportunities for more work.

“I did get offers to do other work outside of Babestation studios,” she said.

“I did stuff for papers, lad mags, and online stuff. I also got chosen to be a ring girl for the boxing with a few of the other girls from Babestation. I also had my own member’s website which I had taken down about a year ago after leaving the industry.”

“When I working for another channel I was asked to do more x-rated stuff but I never went down that path for me Babestation TV was my limit in how far I would go - topless only. I never wanted to go take things further even if the money was better.”

According to Emslie, it was also quite easy for her to separate her work from her private life.

“Business and personal life was always kept separate,” she said. “As soon as I was on that bed ready to go live I would be in character of Rebecca Jade. It never affected my personal life; work was work and I’m not like that in real life.”

“I don’t want to go name-dropping but I have been to a few private parties with some famous people. I’ve partied with footballers, boxers, big-name DJs, a well-known music producer/songwriter and people from reality TV.”

“Yes I would often get unwanted attention, but unfortunately that comes with the nature of the job. It’s one of those things I just learned to get along with.”

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