19 March 2021 Posted By : Lorraine Duffy Merkl

Sex And The City: The 6 Most (& 4 Least) Realistic Storylines

"They're just like me and my friends." That was the go-to thing to say by those who watched Sex And The City religiously, and for good reason.

A majority of the storylines were true-to-life: Miranda introducing the man she's interested in to her decorator and having them hit it off, Carrie wanting to leave personal items at Big's house, so she didn't have to run around NYC with a toothbrush and change of underwear in her designer clutch, or running into an ex in the street with his new love. But every now and then there's a scenario that makes even the most diehard fans say, um, no.

10 Realistic: Samantha's Cancer Journey

This storyline had the audience face the very real truth that whether you're a vibrant, successful executive or a nun (and everyone in between) cancer does not discriminate and can find anyone. And often when it does, it's not with some dramatic collapse in a board meeting or social event, but as in Samantha's case, during a routine exam.

Perhaps that night she cried in her pillow, (really who wouldn't?) but Samantha faces the hard road ahead by focusing on the business of getting treated by practicing self-care and finding a noted oncologist. What often gets people through this devastating process is the support of friends and family, as Samantha had when hers went with her to chemo and Smith shaved his head in solidarity.

9 Unrealistic: Carrie's Reason To Leave Paris

Carrie Bradshaw leaves NYC because Petrovsky asked her to travel to Paris with him? Perhaps for an extended vacay, but forever? Even though she felt left out that the other three women were in committed relationships -- hence the comment: "I can't stay in New York and be single for you," it's unrealistic that someone so entrenched in Manhattan, as well as her career, would settle for being arm candy with no plan for herself.

With all her publishing contacts, Carrie could have had at least a meeting with Vogue Paris through her former editor, Enid. The reality is, it would have taken only a few days of boredom before Carrie turned on her Manolos and returned home, and it would've never gotten to the point of her getting hit by Petrovsky.

8 Realistic: Laney's Baby Shower

This episode checked all the boxes. First, there's Laney, who went from music biz wild child to the suburban wife of a Brooks Brothers-wearing exec. People change, but Carrie, Miranda and Samantha -- three women with no interest in children -- can't get out of there fast enough, and only went to appease Charlotte, the only one who thought to bring a gift.

Charlotte starts out excited to be part of a world she longs for, but when she realizes it still may be a long way off, ends her day feeling down -- especially when she finds out that Laney "stole" her baby name. Things end with Laney showing up at Samantha's admitting she misses her devil-may-care youth.

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