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Savage Grow Plus Reviews: Male Enhancement Pill Scam or Does It Work?

Savage Grow Plus is a natural male enhancement pill that is formulated to enlarge your penis based on a discovery found within the Somba tribesmen in Africa.

By taking two capsules of Savage Grow Plus per day, you can purportedly take advantage of an African penis elongation ritual, which can support the increase in size and length of your penis without any expensive surgery, painful exercises or insane penis pump activities.

The opening display of the official website for Savage Grow Plus almost reads like a comedy piece. As the speaker recounts his trip to a small African village, he explains that his first reaction upon meeting the tribesmen was that “their dicks are insane!” The site further explains that men of all ages, including a seventy year old man, had penis averaging from 12-18 inches long. This seems nearly impossible, considering everything that conventional modern evidence has to tell us about penis size in men.

But there’s clearly a reason why the penis pill industry has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and has done nothing but go up in the past decade. And there is certainly nothing particularly new about this market for supplements aside from the continual research and insight into ingredients that are used for male sexual health, blood flow circulation and hormonal enhancement in the form of libido and testosterone boosting. Penis enlargement formulas have existed for decades, and even some products in the early 1900s or earlier promised to help men increase their virility and the size of their sexual organs. At its core, the appeal of penis pills is simple: many men are insecure about the size of their penises. Societal pressure for men to perform well in the bedroom have never been higher, and every man wants to truly feel like a man when it comes to his sex life.

It’s hard to ignore the comedic element used throughout the site, but there is quite a lot of compelling insights and intel shared throughout the compelling video and presentation. The creator of this penis enlargement pill website uses comedy to draw readers in, explaining that the penises he saw on these African men would “have made God himself envious of what his progenies have become.” But don’t let the funny writing style distract you from the most important facts behind this supplement and its origins. According to the creator of Savage Grow Plus, Mike Nolan, the men of the Somba Tribe in Africa have used a cultural penis enlargement ritual for over two-thousand years. The Savage Grow Plus male enhancement pill has commercialized this incredible formula to (reportedly) bring penis enlargement benefits to millions of different men all over the world.

Aside from being the largest supplement industry niche, penis enlargement pills have historically been a massive source of scams within the supplement market. Is Savage Grow Plus a legitimate product, or one of the many ineffective or counterproductive penis enlargement pills on the market today? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this supplement, as well as the tradition and tribe behind it.

What is Savage Grow Plus?

Savage Grow Plus is a penis enlargement supplement sold exclusively online through SavageGrowPlus.com.

The supplement claims to use ingredients sourced from African tribespeople with famously long penises. The creator of Savage Grow Plus visited a village in Africa where he noticed the villagers were extremely well-endowed. Many of the villagers had “12, 13, and even 18 inches strong, muscular big dicks,” according to Mike Nolan, the person who made Savage Grow Plus.

Motivated to increase the length of his penis, Mike asked the villagers for their secret. He took that secret ingredient, did his own research, and now sells Savage Grow Plus online through SavageGrowPlus.com.

That man claims his miracle formula will increase any man’s penis by 48%. In fact, he virtually guarantees his formula will “grow your penis with at least 4 inches in a few weeks.” He also claims his formula has worked on “over 120,000 men” to date.

Obviously, there’s no known way to permanently increase the length of your penis without doing extensive amounts of professional work. So how does Savage Grow Plus claim to work? Does Savage Grow Plus actually work to produce real results that are noticeable? Or is Savage Grow Plus yet another penis enlargement scam? Or is this a proven way to permanently lengthen your penis naturally? Let’s take a closer look at what Savage Grow Plus offers and how it works.

Savage Grow Plus Features & Benefits

According to the Savage Grow Plus sales page, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits after taking Savage Grow Plus:

• Permanently increase the length of your penis by “at least 4 inches in a few weeks”
• Use the same penis enlargement pill proven to work on “over 120,000 men”
• Natural ingredients
• Grow your penis by 48% or more
• Get a longer, thicker, and fuller penis
• Get stronger, longer lasting erections
• Works without surgery, penis pumps, or other penis elongation tricks
• Clinically proven and guaranteed to work on men of all ages and penis types
• Enjoy firmer, more pronounced body muscles
• Increase energy levels, turbocharge sexual confidence, and help you lose weight

Again, most would acknowledge there’s no real known way to permanently increase the length of your penis without surgery. No nutritional supplement has been proven to increase the length of your penis by even half an inch – not to mention multiple inches. But let’s take a closer look at how Savage Grow Plus male enhancement supplement works overtime to equip your manhood member to the best of its abilities using high profile ingredients that can stack the odds in your favor and yield the kind of peak performance results most men can obtain through natural supplementation.

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