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Graphic images of sex acts inside Parliament House leaked

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed a government staff member has been sacked after graphic images of sex acts inside Parliament House were leaked.

The images and videos of government staffers performing the lewd acts in Canberra were revealed by a whistleblower who says “now is the time to speak up”.

The man, who spoke to Ten News on the condition of anonymity, told the broadcaster that a small group of staffers had set up a Facebook Messenger group which enabled them to share images and video of the lewd acts.

“The reports aired tonight are disgusting and sickening,” the PM said in a statement.

“It’s not good enough, and is totally unacceptable. The people who come to work in this building are better than this.”

Morrison said the staff member was identified and the government “terminated his employment immediately”.

Whistleblower speaks

The whistleblower supplied several photographs and videos to Ten News of men apparently engaged in sex acts, including one which showed a man sitting at a desk, exposing himself next to a copy of the Parliament House rulebook.

“The culture needs to change and now is the time to speak up, now is the time to put it on the record,” the man said.

“It is a culture of men thinking that they can do whatever they want.”

In another video, a man points to the desk of a female Liberal MP before performing a solo sex act on it, Ten reports.

The unidentified whistleblower claims a group of coalition staffers also routinely swapped explicit photos of themselves, adding “I have received so many that I’ve just become immune to it”.

The man claimed government staffers and MPs also often have sex in a room on the upper level of the building known as the prayer or meditation room.

He added that staffers would often hire sex workers to come into the building for the pleasure of Coalition MPs.

PM responds

The Prime Minister issued a statement on Monday night, urging anyone with more information “to come forward”.

“The actions of these individuals show a staggering disrespect for the people who work in Parliament, and for the ideals the Parliament is supposed to represent,” he said.

“Everyone has a right to feel safe at work. I will have more to say on this and the cultural issues we confront as a Parliament in coming days.”

‘Enormous disrespect’

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham called for the immediate sacking of the coalition staffers, telling an estimates hearing on Monday, after the story went to air, that he was “disgusted and appalled”.

“It shows a complete disregard for all our parliamentary democracy stands for,” he said.

“It also demonstrates an enormous disrespect for the employing member or senator in relation to those staff and those officers.

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