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TRANS(4)MISSIONS - The 4th Virtual Playmakers' Intensive - Now Available to Stream

Theater Breaking Through Barriers today announced the 4th Virtual Playmakers' Intensive: TRANS(4)MISSIONS, ten short new plays that originally aired live Friday March 12th through Sunday March 21st, are now available for viewing in the Production Archives of the TBTB website.

Disability intersects with all populations in our world: Every age, race, gender and sexual orientation. TBTB strives to create a common ground for all voices and serve as an ambassador in the quest for full, systemic equality in our world. The eleven original plays constituting the 4th Virtual Playmakers' Intensive represent a diverse chorus within American culture. Created for and rehearsed entirely on the Zoom platform, TBTB's VPI4 will stream live performances of these new short works directly to you, wherever you may be!

Clown Fetish Party

By Jeff Tabnick, Directed by Pamela Sabaugh
Featuring Melissa Jennifer Gonzalez, Richard Lear, Rebecca Quinn Robertson, Dan Teachout
Due to a technological glitch, young go-getter Annie McGee mistakenly finds herself in a virtual clown fetish party. But this is no normal video conference: the clowns have her trapped in her Zoom window, and Annie must summon all of her optimism to get back to the real world.

This Meeting Is Being Recorded

By Chris Chan Roberson, Directed by Khalil Lesaldo
Featuring Shashi Bangera, Kalilah Black, Laura Gaona, Estrella Tamez
Zoom has changed how we go to work and how we go to school, so why should witchcraft be any different?


By Cate Allen, Directed by Richard M. Rose
Featuring Fred Backus, Enrique Huili, Keith Murfee-DeConcini
This is a play about men being men, bro. Talking fantasy football, bro. That is until a random punch turns everything inside out.

We Can't Sleep

By Chris Phillips, Directed by Kristin Heckler
Featuring Shravan Amin, Jaleesa Graham, Bree Klauser, Melanie Portsche
When a young man vanishes while shooting a reality show in the Appalachian Mountains, a former LAPD lieutenant who lost her own daughter in a highly publicized police shooting is hired to find the truth of his disappearance.

The Idles of March

By Stuart Green, Directed by Estrella Tamez
Featuring Fareeda Ahmed, Veronica Cruz, David Harrell, Jamie Petrone
Children may be our hearts walking outside of ourselves, but what if you're stuck indoors with each other for months? The Idles of March explores four longtime friends as they navigate Life, Family and Peppa Pig.

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