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Booming webcam industry during pandemic attracts female journalist

For many individuals and businesses, the coronavirus pandemic that broke out early last year was a huge disaster. Amid the uncertainty, government-issued lockdown measures left an impact on an already faltering economy with spending nosediving and millions of people left out of jobs.

These unprecedented circumstances, however, has led some industries to thrive, particularly the adult entertainment industry. Many adult websites had a massive surge in online traffic with a record number of daily users. Since stay-at-home orders and social distancing made it difficult for many people to access sexual partners—whether meeting with sex workers, going on dates or through dating apps—the number of people left craving physically intimacy has risen.

Now, the quest for intimacy—like every other thing during the pandemic—has moved online. Rather than settling for real sexual experiences, some people are instead seeking out digital sex workers popularly known as cam girls to provide them with the needed relief. Not only has this craving helped many people deal with a heightened level of boredom, anxiety and stress from being stuck indoors, it has also created an avenue for these girls to earn a lot more money—especially at this time where many are struggling financially.

The COVID-19 crisis changed the way we interact with other people and how we experience intimacy in general. However, it created a lucrative means of income for webcam models who are taking advantage of how bored people are and how much time they are spending online.

A female journalist took a keen interest in the industry and in a bid to investigate the profitability of webcam modelling, she created a profile for herself on BongaCams, a leading adult webcam site. In just a few days of working as a webcam model on the platform, she earned $1,920—an impressive amount of money considering she only worked for a few hours daily.

Ranked the 36th most visited site in the world, according to Alexa ranking, BongaCams provides a simple yet intuitive platform for anyone to earn money from webcam modelling. Also, it has no special requirement for models joining the platform, except for the need to be 18 years or older as stated by law.

Surprisingly, the journalist was able to hit such figures by making an exclusive broadcast wearing only a simple swimwear, without undressing or going nude, while talking with her audience on strictly popular non-sexual topics.

Other models on BongaCams equally testified on how lucrative the platform has been for them during the pandemic. Speaking to the journalist, a lady and another couple, both of whom have been active webcam models on BongaCams, said the site gives them the perfect opportunity to earn a decent amount of money from the comfort of their homes and without doing anything out of ordinary.

Emma, a Washington based webcam model in the U.S., said becoming a webcam model on BongaCams has changed her life, according to a report.

“If someone told me six months ago how sharply my life would change, I wouldn't believe it!” she said in an Instagram post after earning $28,296.03 in just one month of being a webcam model on BongaCams.

With an internet-enabled mobile phone or laptop, earning money on BongaCams is quite easy, since you can get your account created and approved in just a few hours like the journalist revealed. Additionally, there are different services you can offer to make money off the platform; and while some girls choose to offer some services for free, there’s the option to offer private performances to earn extra money.

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