23 August 2017 Posted By : Katie Mettler

Two boys orphaned after parents die on family hike in New York

It was Sunday afternoon in the Zoar Valley Gorge, a western New York nature oasis with flowing waterfalls and sheer cliffs, when a pair of hikers traversing its deepest floor came across the bodies.

At the base of the gorge, on a ledge near the water, lay a young married couple, William and Amanda Green, and their 4-year-old son Alexander. The boy was critically injured. His parents were dead.

Unbeknown to the hikers and later the authorities, 7-year-old Jacob, the Green’s eldest child, was wandering the gorge floor with a broken arm and ankle. He wouldn’t be found for another five hours.

What followed was a dramatic, treacherous race to evacuate the injured children by helicopter while rappellers and some 100 law enforcement officials frantically searched for clues.


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