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Top Secrets Flight Attendants Won’t Share With You

Are you ready for your next trip? Do you decide any place to go yet? You have your travel visa and all your other documents ready for this trip and you will connect with new people during your journey but Of course, one group of people you are will be interacting with a lot during your trip is the flight attendants. They will be there to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable flight. They keep everyone safe, clean up any mess and ensure everything runs smoothly during the trip.

Even seasoned travelers never realize the full extent of what it takes for the flight attendants to ensure a successful flight. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and unless you have a very keen eye, there are certain things you will never know, but the flight attendants are well aware of them, only that they will never tell you. If anything, what you don’t know won't hurt you, but here we reveal some of the top secrets in the airline industry and which no attendant will never bring to your attention-:

Flight attendants are not waiters

Many people have compared the job of a flight attendant to that of a waiter, only that instead of waiting upon guests in a hotel or restaurant, they are waiting upon travelers seated on the seats of an aircraft. You will be surprised to know that the job is more demanding than you think, hence requires a lot of respect. The training features intensive programs with strict qualifications criteria, and the demands of the jobs are also very high such that unless you are willing to give your absolute best, you will never make the grade to being one. Amongst the things they learn include technical details of the aircrafts they will be using, safety training, evacuation procedures and putting out onboard fires. As such, it may be derogatory to compare them to waiters at your local eateries.

They are not rolling in money

It is true that being a flight attendant is a very demanding task with their employers being rich multinational corporations. However, this does not give them the pleasure to live the jet-setting life of celebrities. It is just a misconception that they make a lot of money, but it is sad that some airlines pay peanuts and it is a real hassle for their employees to continue being with them. Therefore, the next time you see a flight attendant, don’t think they are very rich, making millions of dollars from serving you food and drinks and attending to your needs while on board.

The pay attention to your clothes

No one may bother with how you look like when you are getting your travel visa at the migration office, but when you board the aircraft, be advised that the flight attendants will be taking note of how you dress. It is not that it matters a lot, but just as you also have a certain perception about individuals based on their dressing, the flight attendants also develop an opinion based on how you dress. If you want better treatment while on the plane, be sure to dress impressively. Let everyone one know you placed some effort while dressing for that day. But if you don’t like someone who picked their clothes on their way out to the airport, you may fail to get a “good treatment” from the crew. Again, if you desire your flight attendant to like you during the flight, to acknowledge them while you are boarding the plane. 

The food is unhealthy just as it seems 

Of course, you have always suspected that some or all of the foods you are served while on board may be unhealthy, only that you have no one to ask and even if you asked, you know no one would confirm it to you. Well, we would like to confirm to you that most of the foods you eat are just as unhealthy as they seem. You will be surprised to know that most of those foods are nutritionally useless, forgive for the salts, sugars and the low cabs they contain. If you are a frequent traveler, you should not take pride in taking most of those foods. You should consider other viable alternatives, as what is served in the aircrafts does more harm than good to your health as far as nutrition is concerned.

They don’t want you to go hard on the call bell

If you ever need anything on the plane, you are free to ask the flight attendant. However, you are not free to think they are your personal butler. They don’t like it when you appear too needy or behave as if the plane was chartered entirely by you. Don’t demand instantaneous services and be aware of the fact that there are other people on board and some may have requested to be attended to before you.

Flight attendants don’t have to look like models

Gone are the days when flight attendants were needed to have an intense appearance. Strict criteria such as age limitations, weight, and grooming habits are no longer the major considerations in hiring as these were perceived as rigid and sexist rules that were not beneficial to the industry. It is not true that there are weight restrictions for flight attendants, though, during training, a lot of emphases is usually placed on appearance and the need to have professional looks while at work.

The airplane coffee is really bad

If you have been traveling frequently, you may have an experience in having coffee in different places. If you are to order a drink onboard, you will be safe skipping anything that doesn’t come in a can or a bottle. The coffee is terrible, and so is the tea. The flight attendants will never tell you that they can’t personally drink the potable water from the aircraft. If you are wondering why know that the water for making the coffee and tea is dirty since the tanks are never cleaned as regularly as you may wish.

These are some of the secrets the flight attendants will never share with you, but which we thought you should know. The next time you are getting your visa ready for traveling, take time to go through them so that you have a new perception when you board the aircraft.

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