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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid when Booking a Chartered Flight

Chartered flightsare often seen as the best of both worlds. You get to fly to your destination in style, on your schedule, minus all the costs associated with ownership. However, the industry is more than just luxury aircraft that can take you anywhere at any time. Here are five mistakes you should avoid when booking a private jet rental. We’ll also explain how to avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Not Doing Your Research

There are times you want a chartered flight because there isn’t another option for arriving where you want, when you want to arrive, such as those islands that only have weekly service from the name brand airlines. However, it is a mistake to assume that all private jet hire services are the same. Some charter services are less comfortable than business class, while others offer a service akin to first class. You can find private jets that range from cramped to spacious; know what you want and need before you book the first one.

Another mistake is booking the wrong aircraft for the job. You don’t want to book a small craft that can only do short jaunts for an intercontinental flight. You could book the intercontinental jet for the regional flight, but now you’re paying more than you have to. Another factor is space. A small cabin may mean a private flight, but it also means less space for people to move around. A larger cabin may mean sharing the flight or paying a higher price tag, but you aren’t all crowded together.

Sometimes people book chartered flights for health reasons. If you need a chartered flight that supports a hospital bed or medical equipment, make that clear to the service before you book a flight. Don’t rely on travel apps to find recommendations for a good chartered flight service. They’re typically designed to refer you only to big airlines that run out of the major airports. You could miss out of similarly priced charter services that offer far better service.

Another matter to research is where the charter takes off and lands. You may be taken to an airport in the city you want to visit, but it may not be the major regional or international airport where you could make a connecting flight or take the train to the famous hotel you want to stay at. The private jet company should have a list of pages on their website that identifies all of their destinations. For example, if you’re looking to fly to or from New York, Paramount Business Jets has a dedicated page on the city that outlines both the jets and airports available. If you can find a company like this that provides you with detailed information on where the charter arrives/departs, you can ensure that you’re going to get to where you need to go.

Skipping the Fine Print

Those terms and conditions affect the service you’ll receive on the flight and the price you may literally pay. For example, cancelling a flight at the last minute could incur a hefty fee for some aircraft charter flights while a different private charter may not charge much at all. The fine print could also detail the charges you could accidentally ring up from ordering food to bringing extra people, making your intended itinerary much more expensive than a rival service. Catering is a highly variable expense, as is asking the charter service to provide ground transportation.

Weighed Down with Baggage

It is true that chartered flights don’t apply the same restrictions on carry-on luggage and they may let you put far more in the cargo hold than a commercial flight would let you take. However, this doesn’t mean you can bring along anything. For example, many private jet charter flights have a smaller cargo hold than the average jumbo jet, so you cannot bring ten suitcases unless you’re booking the whole flight. Ask how much luggage you can bring and what else you could bring.

A chartered flight may be more amenable to certain companion animals, but that doesn’t mean you could bring three lap dogs with you without clearing it with the charter service first. They may or may not permit a pet monkey or let certain animals classified as livestock ride in the passenger compartment for health reasons.

A question to ask the service is if you’ll have to go through customs or airport security when you get to the airport. This may or may not be an issue, depending on where you’re going, but you cannot assume that you can take something on a flight if you must pass first through airport security that forbids such items.

Not Having a Plan for Your Time

A charter jet will typically be quieter than the average flight. There will be fewer crying babies, sick passengers and arguing families. If you’re paying for the chartered flight, have a plan for how you’ll use it. It could be a great time to catch up on sleep before your private jet charter flight takes you to your next business meeting or you could use the time preparing for your upcoming seminar.

Or, you can take the time to turn the flight into quality time, using the relative privacy and quiet to build a deeper personal connection with a companion. Forget an elevator pitch – you have hours to discuss your business ideas or pick their brains for ways to solve a problem. Or, you could use the time to brush up on the local language or discuss proper behaviour with the children.

Not Researching the Status of the Operator

Chartered flight services range from brand name carriers with a solid financial record to businesses trying to avoid having their aircraft repossessed. You need to research the financial status of the chartered flight service. It is bad enough if you’re sitting at the airport waiting for an aircraft that isn’t going to arrive to take you to your destination. It is even worse if you’re in a foreign country and find out there is no one coming to take you home.

One solution is to only use chartered flight services with industry accreditations like IS-BAO. Another is checking reviews for the service well away from testimonials on their own website. Look for warning signs like late flights, being stuck with extra fees, having aircraft switched out at the last minute and deferred maintenance. Do not rely on the travel agent’s recommendations since they may be using a cheaper service to lower the cost of the overall trip to secure your business or get a kickback from the charter for recommending them. Don’t rely on apps, either, since it is so easy to pay people to give the service a five-star rating.

Another issue to research is the safety ratings of the service. Have they had incidents, near misses and other issues? Don’t forget to see if there are multiple charter services running out of the same office; this is a major red flag since it suggests they’re using several names to keep the negative reviews and reports to a minimum when someone searches for a particular service. If the chartered flight service has been cited for safety issues repeatedly, don’t get on their airplane.


If you’re going to book a charter, make sure that you do your research regarding the type of aircraft and service you need. Don’t neglect the fine print of the contract since you’re still legally bound by it. Understand what you can and cannot bring on the flight. Have a plan for your time to make the most of it. And always do your research on the chartered flight service before you book them.

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