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What Sets Mykonos Apart from All Other Greek Islands?

You will find that a holiday in Mykonos is not what you’d expect from a traditional Greek holiday. Most people think of Greece as one of the best tourist locations in the Mediterranean, but did you know that some of the islands are actually in the Aegean Sea? Mykonos is one of those non-Mediterranean islands and perhaps why so many holidaymakers don’t find it when doing an internet search for an ideal holiday destination in Greece.

Typically, it’s because of the keyword “Mediterranean,” but if you leave that out and simply search for idyllic beaches in Greece, or the best clubs in Greece, you will find that Mykonos comes up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) much more frequently. Here is just some of what sets Mykonos apart from all other Greek islands.

The Real Difference between Mykonos Luxury Villas and Hotels

While beaches, clubs, and restaurants are some of the main attractions to Mykonos, it should be said upfront that luxury villas and motels are part of that very same allure. These Mykonos luxury villas have been specifically chosen for their proximity to favourite tourist destinations, but removed enough to enjoy the ‘creature comforts’ you deserve when on a holiday in Greece. Often, for the ultimate luxury experience, some Mykonos villas from BlueVillas for example, offer party planning services, for the ultimate experience.

Luxury hotels are beyond compare as well, but they are not as private as Mykonos luxury villas. Some travellers prefer the luxury of having a place to finally relax in after a long night clubbing at some of the world’s most popular clubs. It’s hard to sleep in when you’ve got noisy holidaymakers passing your room in the early morning hours when heading off to the beach, and although room service tries to give you a bit of privacy, there are only so many hours in the day when maids and cleaning crews can keep the premises clean and tidy for their guests. In a luxury villa, you can set your own hours and that is a real plus.

The Beaches Are the Most Visited in the Aegean Sea

What you will find on Mykonos is the huge number of “jet setters” who either have a holiday home on the island or rent a Mykonos luxury villa for extended periods during various seasons of the year. They come here from far and wide because of the amazing beaches. If you look closely at images of those beaches, you will find that many have beach chairs and umbrellas and sunbathers lined along the shore row after row after row.

In other words, those beaches are lovely but they can get crowded, especially during high seasons when the rest of Europe is blanketed in snow. Again, this is another reason why so many holidaymakers find Mykonos luxury villas preferable to the larger hotels. Most have their own private pools, which gives you the best of both worlds. You can soak up the sun without being swarmed by tourists who make it virtually impossible to relax. Then again, if you are a party animal, this is perhaps what you are after!

The Preponderance of Clubs

One of the things which the island prides itself on is the number of trendy clubs. Whilst other islands offer a focus on historic and archaeological sites, Mykonos proudly features some of Europe’s most popular dance clubs. Some clubs use DJs for entertainment; others feature popular bands and performers from around the world and some have an eclectic mix, depending on the night of the week.

However, in Mykonos, you will find that clubbers will party until the sun comes up and beyond.

Also, Mykonos is proud of being one of the earliest tourist destinations to openly welcome the gay community. As a trendsetter for Greece, and indeed all of Europe, this has become a place where the LGBT community gathers on summer and winter holidays. The community will come from all parts of the world and here is where they are made to feel at home.

Summing It Up – Mykonos Is the Epitome of 21st Century Lifestyle in Greece

If you had to sum up the main allure of the Greek Island, Mykonos, you would probably say that this small island out of the more than 2,000 Greek islands which are inhabited, is the epitome of what 21st Century lifestyle is in Greece. Unlike other areas of mainland Greece or the Greek islands, Mykonos doesn’t capitalise on that which is ancient. Rather, they draw heavily from the ultra-modern Millennials who are looking for more than a little fun in the sun.

Even so, families and corporate groups find Mykonos a place to stay for an idyllic Greek holiday simply because of all the modern amenities they have become accustomed to. If you are looking for a holiday destination that is close enough to mainland Greece and a simple boat ride to other islands in the Aegean Greek island chain, Mykonos is where you’ll find everything you are looking for - and so much more.

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