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What Should You Know About Traveling to Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a beautiful country, and it’s one of the largest in Central America. To the south is Costa Rica, to the north is Honduras, and to the east is the Carribean.

The capital of Managua is the third-largest city in Central America, and the population of the country is more than six million. In the 16th century, the area was taken over by the Spanish Empire, and you can see remnants of that influence throughout the country.

So what should you know if you’re planning a trip to Nicaragua? First, it’s detailed a bit more below, but Nicaragua is a very budget-friendly country. You can get by with very little money in Nicaragua, which makes it ideal if you want to travel without spending your entire life savings.

Tourism Is a Main Industry

While Nicaragua may seem like an exotic locale to visit, you wouldn’t be alone.

Tourism is the second largest industry in the country. Tens of thousands of people from the U.S. visit the country each year. Some of the specific sites tourists seem to visit most in the country include Leon and Granada, both of which are colonial cities, as well as cities like Rivas and San Juan del Sur.

There is beautiful architecture, great beaches, and also strong ecotourism options.


If you want a budget trip, you can definitely make that happen in Nicaragua. For example, were you to stay in a private hostel room or a budget hotel, you could do so for less than $20 a night in most cases. There are also small family-run hotels that are popular throughout the country, and you can count on paying less than $25 a night for many of these places.

You can Airbnb a home for very inexpensive, and some people even rent hammocks to sleep in.

It’s not just your overnight accommodations that are going to be cheap. You can find plenty of meals for less than $5 each.

If you want to travel by taxi, it can be around $2 for a short trip. Activities such as going to markets and beaches are free, and the activities you do pay for, like day trips or water sports, are very cheap relative to what you would pay most places.

Of course, if you’re not on a strict budget, there are more high-end options, but traveling in the country is overall pretty inexpensive.


Finally, among Central American countries, Nicaragua is considered one of the safest. With that being said, you should still be aware of potential threats. There is crime, especially in urban areas, and public buses seem to be one of the places where most of the crime takes place.  

When traveling to Nicaragua the only real advisements from the U.S. government are common sense measures. For example, travelers should be cautious when they’re walking at night, and they shouldn’t wear expensive watches or jewelry. The advisories for Nicaragua aren’t too different from traveling to most places in the world, including big cities in the U.S.

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