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Holiday travel help for seniors on the move

(NC) Mobility or other medical issues can’t keep you (or your famous gingerbread cookies) on the ground – especially during the holidays. So, here is some travel help from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority to make sure you, and your cookies, breeze through security.

When you get to security, check to see whether the Family and Special Needs lane is available. It features equipment that can accommodate larger items such as wheelchairs and other mobility aids, and is staffed with screening officers who know that you may require more time or assistance while moving through the screening process.

CATSA recognizes that walking through the metal detector unassisted may pose a challenge for those who use a mobility aid, so they offer a courtesy non-metallic cane for this purpose. If that doesn’t suit your needs, you have the option to bypass the walkthrough metal detector and be screened with a hand-held metal detector, undergo a full body scan or a physical search instead.

Note also that your medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids are allowed in addition to the two-item carry-on limit.

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