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Airport security tips to get seniors to the holiday table on time

(NC) You’ve been hosting the holiday family get-together for years, but this year, someone else is stepping up to the plate. If you’re flying to the party, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has some tips to help make your air travel as smooth as Bing Crosby’s “Silver Bells.”  

  • Maybe you packed gifts for all the grandchildren, and now the thought of lifting your luggage on the screening belt makes you wish you just bought gift cards. If you need assistance to get through the airport to your departure gate, alert your airline in advance. A non-travelling family member or friend can help, but they must have authorization from the airline and be screened like everyone else. If you are travelling alone, an airline representative can assist you.
  • Speaking of gifts, ensure they are unwrapped in case they need to be inspected. Some airports offer gift-wrapping services after security during the holiday season.
  • Have prescriptions over the 100 millilitre limit for liquids? You won’t land on CATSA’s naughty list because medications are exempt from this rule. Just remember to remove them from your bags so they can be properly inspected. Medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids are also permitted as part of your carry-on baggage.
  • You can wear your eyeglasses while undergoing screening. If you choose to put them in the bin, please ensure they are in a hard protective case to avoid breakage.

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