Booming webcam industry during pandemic attracts female journalist

For many individuals and businesses, the coronavirus pandemic that broke out early last year was a huge disaster. Amid the uncertainty, government-issued lockdown measures left an impact on an already faltering economy with spending nosediving and millions of people left out of jobs. These unprecedented circumstances, however, has led some industries to thrive, particularly the adult entertainmen [...]

12 June 2021

Bongcams provides a money-making alternative for amateur models during the pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic struck in early 2020, many businesses and individuals have been left scampering to stay afloat financially. According to a report, over 200,000 Canadian businesses were contemplating closing permanently due to the COVID-19 crisis and millions of others have also been made redundant. For years now, one industry that has witnessed steady growth is the adult entertainm [...]

26 May 2021

The Gloriously Filthy Allure of Horny Groceries “It’s hot — and it’s nothing like going to Whole Foods.”

In March, a cooking hobbyist named Theo Blau posted an Instagram Story of a red walnut resting in the palm of his hand. “This is the sexiest looking and freshest tasting walnut I’ve ever had,” read the text accompanying the knobby, wine-colored nut. “It’s just begging to be drizzled with some of the pure Appalachian black walnut syrup I’ve got on the way.” The words practically brim [...]

23 April 2021

TRANS(4)MISSIONS - The 4th Virtual Playmakers' Intensive - Now Available to Stream

Theater Breaking Through Barriers today announced the 4th Virtual Playmakers' Intensive: TRANS(4)MISSIONS, ten short new plays that originally aired live Friday March 12th through Sunday March 21st, are now available for viewing in the Production Archives of the TBTB website. Disability intersects with all populations in our world: Every age, race, gender and sexual orientation. TBTB strives to c [...]

23 April 2021

Gucci Celebrates 100 Years With The Collection That "Hacked" Balenciaga

Gucci is celebrating its 100 years in the business in style. The Italian fashion house put out its latest collection this week, Gucci Aria, where it celebrated the history of the label, partnered up with Balenciaga and harked back to some of the most famous Gucci moments in history. "Going through the hour when everything originated is a great responsibility for me, and a joyful privilege," creat [...]

23 April 2021

SEX DRIVE GUIDE Women’s orgasms can last 51 seconds & men think about doing it 19 times a day – sex drive differences revealed

WOMEN FALL IN LOVE AFTER SEX: During sex, our brains release oxytocin, known as the “cuddle hormone”. It lowers defences and makes us trust. Women produce more of it, so are more likely to let their guard down and fall in love after sex. Sex expert Kate Taylor says: “Men release oxytocin during sex but other hormones like testosterone can dampen its effect, leading women to feel u [...]

23 April 2021

Manuela Soto Sosa uses tattoos and art to renew women’s body positivity

Prior to picking up a needle at age 18, Manuela Soto Sosa never imagined that she’d embark on a career as a tattoo artist. Today, she stands on the backend of over a decade’s worth of experience. Her tenure has seen her through world tours, the launch of a streetwear brand, studio ownership and significant self-discovery. At the center of it all lie her “Soto Girls,” the adorable a [...]

23 April 2021

Ask Anna: Putting the break in breakup

Dear Anna, I recently went through a breakup and every time I think I’m finally starting to get over him something happens to prevent me from that, and then he gives me mixed signals. One time I was talking to a guy and he completely comes out of nowhere and interrupts our conversation. I’m wondering if you have any tips for this. — Not Quite Over It Dear NQOI, You need a real bre [...]

23 April 2021

Orgasm: Are women short-changed by men?

New research has confirmed that single women have fewer orgasms, while their male counterparts have the most. According to one of the researchers, having an orgasm is more like running a marathon than a sprint, but for many women, it is uphill terrain. That when it comes to orgasms, women are still the underdogs. According to data from a 2014 survey conducted by an online marketing comp [...]

23 April 2021

APIDA student groups host panel on Asian American identity, femininity

The alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Sigma Psi Zeta sororities, in collaboration with the Asian Student Union and She Writes History, hosted Professor Sylvia Chong and a panel of four students to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Asian Pacific Islander Desi American communities Monday night.  Chong serves as the director of the Asian Pacific American Studies minor and an associate profess [...]

23 April 2021

VR Porn on the rise during the global pandemic

Internet usage grew immensely during the coronavirus pandemic with everything moving online, from gym classes to birthday parties and even wedding ceremonies. One industry that is still thriving during these uncertain times is porn. Porn sites are witnessing a significant spike in daily traffic since early March last year. Popular adult website, Porhub recorded over 20% increase in daily [...]

21 April 2021

Graphic images of sex acts inside Parliament House leaked

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed a government staff member has been sacked after graphic images of sex acts inside Parliament House were leaked. The images and videos of government staffers performing the lewd acts in Canberra were revealed by a whistleblower who says “now is the time to speak up”. The man, who spoke to Ten News on the condition of anonymity, told the [...]

02 April 2021

Savage Grow Plus Reviews: Male Enhancement Pill Scam or Does It Work?

Savage Grow Plus is a natural male enhancement pill that is formulated to enlarge your penis based on a discovery found within the Somba tribesmen in Africa. By taking two capsules of Savage Grow Plus per day, you can purportedly take advantage of an African penis elongation ritual, which can support the increase in size and length of your penis without any expensive surgery, painful [...]

02 April 2021

FOOD FOR PHWOAR The three foods you need to eat now if you want to have better sex – and it isn’t what you think

WE all know that certain foods can turn you on... oyster anyone? But it turns out there are a new group of super sexy foods in town which can get you in the mood quickly. Now Adam MacDougall, writing in News.Com.Au, has revealed what they are. Call them nature’s Viagra, if you’d like. In fact, you can call them whatever you’d like, just so long as you get them on your plate. THREE F [...]

02 April 2021

20 Ways to Increase Your Pleasure in ‘Cowgirl’ Position

What do the Hitachi Magic Wand, Miley Cyrus, and the “cowgirl” sex position have in common? Well, in addition to being major sex symbols, they’ve also all undergone major rebrands. That’s right, the famous receiver-on-top sex position recently went through a rebrand. Why? Because its former name (the cowgirl) was annoyingly gendered. Girls, after all, aren’t the only pe [...]

02 April 2021

Nationals must 'do better' on women issue

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has called on his party to "do better" when it comes to the treatment of women and has apologised broadly to anyone who has felt unsupported. In his address to the Nationals' federal conference in Canberra on Saturday, the party leader addressed "behaviour not befitting our federal parliament and that is gut-wrenching". He s [...]

02 April 2021

How Casual Sex Today Sets You Up For Bigger, Better Love Tomorrow

Believe it or not, having casual sex is one of the best ways to fully move on after a breakup and prepare you for a healthy, happy new relationship. I was raised with old-fashioned values. You know the kind. The fewer partners before marriage, the better. Each additional man who entered these sacred gardens would, according to this mythology, leave me reduced in value. So, in [...]

02 April 2021

What are some lesbian pregnancy options?

Lesbians who want to get pregnant have a number of options depending on their budget, health, fertility preferences, and personal values. The process often begins with a consultation with a doctor or fertility specialist since this can help with narrowing down options. In this article, we will provide a list of lesbian pregnancy options and note some factors people may want to conside [...]

02 April 2021


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